Why Get Bilges Dry?

get bilges dry

The purpose of the Remora is to get bilges dry.

  1. When a bilge is dry, there is no bilge water rotting and stinking. Bilge water often contains high levels of organic matter that will rot, or in some cases start to grow and stain your bilge. When the bilge water starts stinking and the boat gets underway, the sloshing of the water sends the smell up through the boat, and can increase the chances of passengers getting nauseous.
  2. Having a dry bilge means less load on the boat’s engines, improved fuel economy and higher boat speeds with a lighter boat. For boats that drive for long distances, the investment of a Remora Bilge saver can pay for itself many times over within a short period of time.
  3. A dry bilge is easier to maintain, clean and paint. Having a clean, dry and painted bilge is key to keeping an eye on the current condition of your water tanks, fuel tanks, hydraulic systems and engine systems. If you can’t see the color and texture of what is in your bilge on a regular basis, then you won’t know where fluids are coming from, and where your maintenance time and money need to be spent.
  4. A drier bilge means less humidity and therefore less corrosion inside the boat. This is great for electronics and metal parts that are susceptible to rusting, seizing and eventually failing.
  5. A dry bilge means your boat sits higher in the water. This means less drag through the water, and less anti-fouling needed, which saves money in both fuel and paint in the long-run.
  6. Having a dry bilge means a lessened risk of the boat sinking. If you do have a leak it will take longer for the boat to fill up than if you had a bilge that already had lots of water in it.

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