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Dry bilges with no battery…

solar panel setup

Part of the research and development for Remora (TM) was finding a solution with the lowest possible power need. We wanted this product to be useful for people with 2 stroke engines that have no battery installed on the boat, as this is a common feature of boats used in developing nations. We also know […]

What is a Barnacle?

Barnacle active light

WHERE DID THE BARNACLE COME FROM? The idea for the BARNACLE (TM) was conceived during the research and development phase for REMORA (TM). During 4 years of working through various ways of remote water sensing for REMORA, we decided that one of the methods could be used for developing a stand-alone electronic switch. The initial […]

Meet Bilge Saver Founder: Christie Carter

Remora founder bio christie

How did you get involved in Bilge Saver? I’ve had an ongoing revulsion and overall dissatisfaction with conventional bilge pump systems for years. The resort which I own and manage here in Indonesia has 7 boats all of which need operational bilge pumps. Because the pumps, switches and fuses are all imported, they are expensive. […]

Why Get Bilges Dry?

get bilges dry

The purpose of the Remora is to get bilges dry. When a bilge is dry, there is no bilge water rotting and stinking. Bilge water often contains high levels of organic matter that will rot, or in some cases start to grow and stain your bilge. When the bilge water starts stinking and the boat […]