Warranty (Barnacle)

Bilge Saver Warrants your new Barnacle to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. 

All warranty claims must be submitted to Bilge Saver  dealer where the original purchase was made.

To successfully submit your warranty claim you will need to supply:

  • Valid proof of purchase from Authorised Bilge Saver dealer showing date and place of purchase
  • Serial # of defective product (if applicable)
  • Pictures showing defective product and any damage.
  • Bilge Saver warranty claim form to be completed by the original purchaser
  • Submit the claim form within seven (7) days after defect is discovered
  • The item in question will need to be made available for inspection on request

Once submission has been successfully completed, we will review and contact your dealer or yourself for any additional information and conclusions regarding the claim.

We appreciate your business and support of the Bilge Saver brand and hope to resolve your claim fast and get you back on the water!


Please note that Bilge Saver Limited Warranty will not apply if:

  • Damage or defects were caused by impact with any material or object
  • Damage or defects were caused by use of products other than for the purpose for which it was designed
  • Damage or defects were caused by transport, loading, unloading, dropping, or out of water handling of the product
  • Damage or defects were caused by renting the product to another party
  • Damage or defects were caused by excessive heat exposure to open flame.
  • Damage or defects were caused by racing or taking part of a race
  • Damage or defects were caused by previous repairs
  • Any unauthorised modification, change or repair has been made to any part of the equipment

If a product is viewed to be defective by Bilge Saver, the warranty covers the repair or replacement of the defective item only. Bilge Saver will not be responsible for any losses, damages or costs incurred as a result of use or loss of this product.