Remora Keeps Boats Dry

The Remora Bilge Saver is new technology designed to keep boats dry and safe by constantly removing all bilge water.

Bilges in boats are traditionally wet, smelly, heavy, corrosive, hard to reach, hard to maintain and generally abused. They are an oft-neglected safety issue, and if the pumps in the bilge break, the boat can sink.

Most bilge pumps on the market are turned on and off by float switches containing sealed, moving parts. When the water goes up, the float goes up and activates the pump until the level drops again. The switches are “good enough”, although the designs are more often than not dictated by commercially planned obsolescence. The pumps themselves are able to pump high volumes, but never be able to suck all of the water out of a space because at a certain water level the centrifugal fans blades start sucking air as well as water and can no longer pump water through a hose filled with air. With the current paradigm, both switches and pumps are constantly immersed in bilge water that can contain corrosive elements, typically gasoline, motor oil and brake fluid. Although only being used for a fraction of the time they are immersed, both pump and switch are depreciating at a higher rate than is justified by their usefulness.

The Remora keeps boats dry, not only solving the problems of current bilge pump and float switch combinations, but completely changing the market’s expectation of what a dry bilge should look like. The Remora is a small contraption that sits directly in the fluids at the lowest point of a wet bilge. The electrically powered Remora is fully sealed and has no moving parts. The power supply controls an inbuilt micro-processor, which senses water to turn on and off an external pump at times and in accordance with the level of water sensed. The pump is situated high and dry out of the bilge water, exponentially increasing the life of the pump.

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