Remora Loves Good Design

Designed Obsolescence is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life or a purposely frail design.  Products like this become obsolete, and/or require replacement with a new product, or new version of the same product.

We at Remora Bilge systems hate designed obsolescence.  It is one of the things ruining the planet.  When something is designed to fail, it disrespects the planet that we all depend on for our survival.  It disrespects multiple industries full of professionals that are doing their best to create a product that has value.  And mostly, it disrespects the end user of the product.  The consumer doesn’t have knowledge or choices when they are forced to buy a product that easily breaks.

Here at Bilge Saver Pty Ltd. we’re doing our best to make products that last forever.  We will make sure that any manufacturer who utilizes designed obsolescence losses market share to our company.  We hope that the reliability of our products forces others into making more sustainable choices in their designs.  If you are like us and hate buying cheap things that are designed to break, then we think you’ll love our products and our ideology.  Thanks for your support, and we hope that all manufacturers start making products that last longer.